The blueberry overcoming

There was a little blueberry
up north where such do grow.
They called him only blueberry,
up north, they did not know

of any other berry blue,
up north, where he grew up.
The berry grew as berries do.
And ended in a cup.

And do you know, they put him on
a cake. And that was clear,
he was not berry all alone.
Another did appear.

A blueberry from bush came forth!
It really was a pain.
That thing should know that high up north
he was the only gain.

The blueberry was furious.
That blueberry had no
idea. And he was curious
about how this would go.

But then he came to think of it;
those berries are a lot!
They all are kinds the way they fit
the bush and flavour got.

A berry of a kind can not
taste quite as good as he.
When he this truth from heaven got,
he was as he should be.

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